Prov. 10:22


“The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.”


Is wealth a good thing or a bad thing?  Does it encourage or hinder spiritual growth?  Is it a blessing or a snare?  The answer to these questions is yes.  The answer to each is also no; it depends on the attitude of the heart.  Evil rises from the love of money, not from wealth itself.  Jesus was very clear that his followers are not to serve money.  However, many of the most godly men in Scripture had great wealth. 


Actually, it isn’t as much of a puzzle as it might at first seem.  We are to love God and serve Him with our whole heart.  We are also to use everything He provides - everything He puts in our hands - to bring Him glory. 


For many people the accumulation of wealth is a snare.  Why? Because they hope it will be a source of happiness and fulfillment.  In reality, however, they find that it brings more problems than it solves.  For them, with wealth comes trouble.


But friends, here is wisdom: happiness and fulfillment, joy and peace, direction and purpose in life flow from a real relationship with Jesus; not from wealth.  To find wealth without trouble, look to Jesus, seek His blessing. 


Pastor Keith Andrews