Ex 35:2


“For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day,

a Sabbath of rest to the LORD.”


When God gave man the Ten Commandments He did it with His people’s good in mind.  His intention was not to put us in bondage, but to show us the way to live prosperous, healthy, happy, and honorable lives.  There is general agreement that if we all lived according to those few rules, it would be heaven on earth!  Why then is it that when we start talking about setting aside a day, making one day of the week special, it just seems impossible.  The mind of man says: “We can't prosper if we don’t use every minute of our time working and producing!”   Obviously, it isn't true.  The truth is that constant effort burns us out, drains our imagination, and makes us ineffective and unproductive!


The reason I bring this up now is that we just went through “the holidays.”  And, if you want to analyze the word, holiday is just another way of saying holy day.  Holidays are “holy” because we don’t treat them like they are ordinary days.  We take a break from work.  We spend time with the family.  We consider the needs of others.  And, if we do it right, we use some of the time to worship and honor and renew our relationship with God.   


And friends, don’t forget that every Sunday is a holiday for the people of God.  Be wise and don’t let the devil steal your precious day off!

Pastor Keith Andrews