Isa. 46:10

“. . . I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.” 


“My purpose. . .”  God says, “My purpose will stand.” 


Have you ever given much thought to what God’s “purpose” is?  The Word makes it clear that whatever God desires is what will be and whatever God plans is what will happen.  But just what does God desire and what has God planned? 


I don’t think anyone can fully answer those questions.  God’s thoughts are higher than man’s.  His ways are too high for our full comprehension.  There are some things that we know, however: 

1.    It is God's plan that His glory fills the earth – Why?  So that nothing false will be worshipped.

2.    It is God's plan that the holiness of His creation be restored – Why?  So that His people can enjoy Him forever.

3.    It is God's plan to have a people who love and honor Him – Why?  So that He can have fellowship with them forever.

4.    It is God's plan that His people's character should reflect His character – Why?  Because His character is right and true.

5.    It is God's plan that Jesus Christ be honored above all others – Why?  Because His is the creator and sustainer of all things and the Redeemer and Savior of His people.

6.    It is God's plan that His people be saved and safe – Why?  So that they will be forever set free from bondage to sin.

7.    It is God's plan that that the Kingdom be enlarged as His people share the Gospel – Why?  So that men of every race, nation, and language will know and follow the King of kings.

8.    It is God's plan that His people love one another – Why?  So that they can be one in the same way that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One.


Just some of my thoughts . . . what would you add??


--- Pastor Keith Andrews