Jn. 6:27

“Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life,

which the Son of Man will give you.”


I saw a youth pastor do an object lesson a decade or so ago that has stuck in my mind ever since . . . now that’s a good lesson!  Since I can’t show it to you, I’ll tell you about it. 


He had a large pickle jar, a couple of fairly big rocks, some gravel, and some sand.  He was talking about “seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness first” and how, when you do, everything else falls into place.  As he talked he poured the sand into the jar, then followed it with the gravel, and then tried to put in the rocks.  Of course, there was no place in the jar for the rocks; it was too full of sand and gravel.  One rock was sort of sticking out the top and the other just sat on the table.  So, he took it all out and started again.  This time he put the two big rocks in first.  Then he poured in the gravel and shook it all around.  Then he started pouring in the sand.  He poured in a little and shook a little, then poured in a little more, and shook a little more.  In a short time every bit of sand and gravel and rock was in the jar with room to spare.  The point?  Most people put everything ahead of God’s kingdom and His righteousness and then find that their life is already too full for God.  BUT, when you put the God stuff – the BIG stuff – first there is plenty of room for the rest. 


Friends, this one is not just for kids.  As life becomes more complicated it is easy to let things get out of order.  Just don’t let the ordinary stuff in YOUR life, or even the good stuff, crowd out the glorious stuff! 


Pastor Keith Andrews